rotecting against warehouse and shop stock loss is a big part of running a successful business. Valuable assets always require protecting.  Arrow at ICR has set up a long term security strategy with Farm & Pets Place to reduce and stop loss, Arrow looked for vulnerable spots and plugged the gap with the right kind of security systems.  This enterprising company has invested in security since its beginning and has implemented updates to safe guard against stock loss, theft and property damage.

A CCTV system looking at exits, doors, blind spots, concealed entrances and rooms brings a 360 degree view to the business. A high resolution and 24/7 remotely monitored CCTV system has resulted in a reduction of stock loss and shop floor theft as there are no blind spots and all stock can be seen and accounted for. The client feels the staff, stock and property are now well protected.

An interesting challenge as the security systems needed to support the challenging demands of business without it being cost prohibitive or dating too quickly.” Mark Scarratt, Arrow UK Director.

The Benefits

• Stock balance & retention
• Great client relationship
• Behavior insight for management
• Reduction in theft

The Softer Results

The new system has given confidence to the management team as they can see how stock is being managed front and back of house. The high definition pictures act as a great deterrent to thieves but also gives confidence to the staff.

CLIENT: Farm & Pet Place North Wales
LOCATION: Multiple Sites

On going


Just over 7 years

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