he Westwood Centre is an Integrated Children’s and Families Centre based in Buckley with several community supportive organisations based there. ICR’s job was to help reduce its electricity consumption and CO2 emissions with the install of Low energy lighting.

The Centre has put energy saving at the heart of its development plans and investigated a number of energy technologies and found budget constraints depicted what they could presently achieve. The first opportunity they could take to reduce their energy bills and CO2 emissions was with low energy lighting installs.  Eventually the aim is to bring on more energy saving systems across the Centre, funding permitting.

The conversion took the lighting team 1 week and 2 days to complete.

The project consisted of the conversion of over 300 T12/T8 light fittings to T5 light fittings with the aim of saving a minimum of 40% on all lighting costs.

Works included:

  • Conversion of 342 light fittings varying from 2ft T12 to 6ft T12 twin fittings
  • Reducing twin fittings to single fittings in certain areas reducing the usage by over 40%
  • Installation of 28 sensors
  • Replaced all external wall pack fittings to a 30w LED wall pack fitting

The school has seen a reduction in energy consumption and is now really eager to do more.

The Benefits

• Lower bills
• Lower day time electricity usage
• Carbon Reduction levels
• Reducing their Environmental impact

CLIENT: The Westwood Centre
LOCATION: Buckley, N Wales
PROJECT: Conversion of Internal Lighting

Summer June 2014

Installation £15k

ANNUAL Electricity Saving £2100
ANNUAL CO2 emissions 11.18 (TCO2 PA) saved
kWh saved: 20,506

Just over 5 year

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