he installation of a 50kW solar system on a storage facility building in Southampton, installed on our favourite kind of roof (a flat one). We firstly needed to patch weld a 10KG ballasted system to the roof to stop movement in adverse weather conditions as it is exposed to the great British coastal weather. ICR installed and connected all DC cabling from the panels to the inverter via a roof mounted cable tray system. The main consideration promoting a solar installation was for the Bream regulation as the building was new and needed to pass the Bream regulations to be built.  If you are interested in panels we used the ReneSola panels for this project which proved to be easy to both handle and install.

We will be revisit the site in 6 months and expect to see fantastic energy performance results.

The system now generates enough power to have no electricity bills, and receive a regular income from the Feed-in-tariff.

The Benefits

• Regular income from FIT
• BREAM Qualified
• Carbon Reduction levels
• Reduction in Environmental impact

The Softer Results

The roof fixings were a little bit different to our preferred brand and potentially could have delayed the install, the challenge was to install it within the week but as it happened this particular contract turned out to be a perfect 10 to work on. The job flowed easily and everything went to plan. Good times.

CLIENT: Lok ‘n Store
LOCATION: Southamption
PROJECT: Installation of Roof Top Solar PV
SIZE: 50 kW

SAVINGS £2,058.82
ANNUAL CO2 emissions saved: 11.18 (TCO2 PA)
kWh saved: 20,506

Just over 7 years

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