And it comes just at the right time…..


fter a few stagnant years in the local construction industry the local housing development market is well and truly buoyant.  I feel we have turned a corner and walked straight into a fantastic housing development boom….. practically overnight.

The County of Denbighshire is planning for over 7500 new homes to be built by 2021, with a cost of over 10 million pounds.

Flintshire council is also looking to build more than 3000 new homes over the next few years. The creation of over 7500 manufacturing jobs has certainly created a need for affordable housing of good quality in our rural communities.

Wrexham Council has received a big investment also and established 12 areas in town and outside of town to regenerate, costing millions.

It was only a few years ago that we looked closely at the business wanting to forecast what the future held for a company full of electricians and plumbers in a construction wasteland.

I’d like to say I knew this time would come and I confidently plotted our businesses future against the council’s strategic plans to build thousands of houses.

Truthfully I wasn’t that well informed and as I waited for the construction market to turn that corner, I still had a business full of local people. Waiting for the work to come wasn’t an option for me or my staff.   So, far away we traveled and followed the Energy Market all over the country. We took to installing miles upon miles of Solar farms whilst we waited for the construction market to reopen.

The Construction Ripple Effect

Now that the local construction market has boomed I can rationally reflect on the benefits of housing development to the local economy, its labour market and the economic effects it has on local families and places to live.  When we set up the business 10 years ago I didn’t think too much about economic impact, regeneration and so on. I just needed to make a living now with experience under my belt I do think about those words as without prosperity and planning we will be back to difficult trading times again.

A new housing development goes much further than I ever thought. I comprehend well that housing not only keeps my business thriving and staff able to support their families but it is instrumental in revitalizing and stimulating neglected neighbourhoods.

We are happy to supply local home grown workers, and feel we are helping the economic impact of our little Town of Holywell where most of our employees live, but actually there is a much bigger picture.

The process starts with the funding and securing land by the councils, it’s right there that the money already starts to trickle into a community; well before construction activity.

Before ICR Group gets to site to install the electrics and the plumbing the site has already seen hundreds of people that have benefited from the development. Think legal, financial, landscaping, transportation, materials, food and the list can go on and on.

A new housing development goes much further than I ever thought, I now understand that housing not only keeps my business thriving and my family healthy but it is instrumental in revitalizing whole neighbourhoods.  Once houses are built and sold, occupied housing usually means increases in local jobs; with more local goods and services needed which permanently increases the level of economic activity for local business owners, plus the council gets new taxes to keep our County in tip top shape too.  I’d like to say everyone is a winner but I fear environmentalists probably wouldn’t agree.

I can now see that what years of no construction has done to our community and County; the actual cost of not providing housing development has impacted on us all.  In hindsight we could have done with this investment 10 years ago, it would have saved some of our communities the title of ‘deprivation’ and possibly some businesses the title of bankruptcy too.

Hindsight in construction is certainly a wonderful thing :)

David Bamford Director ICR Group Ltd, Holywell 0845 263 7224

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