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On Park Gate road in the City center of Chester you will find the Chester Campus and three of its Science laboratories. Pre-dating Oxford, Cambridge, London and Durham Chester is the oldest higher education center in the UK.

Science courses have grown in popularity over the years and the University found themselves needing to address the demand of extra classes.  Only offering 3 classes a week but needing 10 and struggling with inefficient energy and out dated materials it was time to bring the Science department in to the 21 Century.

ICR Group was thrilled to have been awarded the M&E Contract to redevelop the University Labs and help to transform the teaching of practical science by completely transforming the old science lab into a high-efficiency room with modern fixtures plus computerising the labs too.

History dictates that roman Cities such as Chester often house their centres of education within large and old Victorian building where retrofit work is usually the biggest challenge faced by contractors.

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This was not the case for Chester University as significant investment was awarded to strip the building back to its shell ready for the state-of-the-art laboratory installation

The challenge for this contract wa
sn’t the usual difficulties of a retrofit but instead to compete the works before the first day of term when the students return to the new educational year.You’d be forgiven to think that electrical and plumbing installations do not have any bearing on education, but the reality is quite the opposite. Great facilities are often powered by M&E installations.  The performance of the new Chester science laboratories is heavily based on electricity and water and this supports efficient student learning and personal development.

M&E Contract Chester


The contract provided data installation of all plumping and internal gas works, data cables, fume cupboard installations, Air Con and ventilation units, Overhead efficient lighting, Gas pipelines and gas guards. The Labs are now energy efficient from the inside out right down to the mechanical systems.

As you can see ICR Group has vast experience in the design, control and maintenance of M&E installations for a variety of projects particularly centres of education.



Time scale

The project was completed over a two-month time frame with no time creep, that included 2 supervisors 10 contractors and 3 apprentices.

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